Acupressure is a type of treatment that sends signals to the body to promote self-healing and wellness and is also used to treat illness and pain. The technique is commonly known as ‘acupuncture without needles’ as it’s guided by the same holistic principles. An imbalance of the body’s energy, or ‘qi’, is thought to be the cause. To cure the imbalance, an acupressure therapist will put pressure on certain ‘acupoints’ to unblock the meridians (energy pathways).

Acupressure unclogs the body’s built up energy in the meridian pathways while triggering the release of muscular tension and blood flow. This can help to restore the body to its equilibrium, while also working to relieve a range of physical and emotional ailments.

On this page we will discover the types, benefits and what to expect from an acupressure session. We will also cover self-applied acupressure and what training qualifications and experience you should look for in a therapist.