How can you benefit from chiropody?

Many people seek chiropody treatment to alleviate pain and lingering health problems associated with the foot. However, you can choose to have regular sessions with a foot doctor as part of a healthy foot care regime. Even if your feet are generally in good condition, a chiropodist can help to prevent the onset of ailments. Read more about How can you benefit from chiropody?[…]

What to expect during chiropody treatment

If you are due to see a chiropodist, your first consultation will involve an assessment of your feet. Your foot doctor will inspect your lower limbs and the nature and severity of your ailments. They will take into account the architecture, alignment, look and texture of your feet to make a diagnosis. The assessment stage Read more about What to expect during chiropody treatment[…]

What does a chiropodist do?

The role of a foot doctor is to treat and alleviate common foot problems that can hinder mobility and cause pain. People of all ages and health can seek chiropody treatment. A foot doctor will provide general foot care knowledge to help them maintain healthy feet in the future. With the right care and advice, Read more about What does a chiropodist do?[…]

The difference between chiropody and podiatry

One of the most frequently asked questions is: ‘What is the difference between chiropody and podiatry?’ The truth is chiropody and podiatry are the same thing. ‘Podiatry’┬áis just a more modern and internationally recognised term to describe the practice. Chiropodists and podiatrists are part of the same profession. They have the same qualifications and in Read more about The difference between chiropody and podiatry[…]

Maintaining foot health

Feet take the weight of the entire body. As a result they can be subjected to a lot of stress and strain. Maintaining foot health with proper care and cleanliness is key to preventing common foot problems, which can only add to stress your feet are under. There are a number of reasons why foot Read more about Maintaining foot health[…]

Chiropody | Podiatry

Chiropody involves the assessment, management and treatment of diseases and disorders of the lower limb. Also known as ‘podiatry’, it is a branch of medical science practised by specialist ‘foot doctors’. These are commonly referred to as chiropodists. A chiropodist uses a range of techniques to treat chronic conditions that affect lower limb function. Therapeutic, Read more about Chiropody | Podiatry[…]