What conditions can hydrotherapy help?

Pain relief Hydrotherapy is said to be particularly effective for rehabilitation after orthopaedic and spinal surgery which have resulted in chronic pain. There are a number of variations of hydrotherapy, all of which are known to have a pain relieving effect.¬†One example is that of a hydro bath, which will release huge quantities of large Read more about What conditions can hydrotherapy help?[…]

Hydrotherapy types

Hydrotherapy exists in many other variations, for instance the NHS often uses physical therapy performed in water for post operation rehabilitation. Treatment applied in these kinds of heated pools utilise the warmth to relax the muscles, the buoyancy to resist movement and the weightlessness helps to decrease stress and pain on the joints. Other methods Read more about Hydrotherapy types[…]

Hydrotherapy & colonic hydrotherapy

The term Hydrotherapy (‘hydro’ meaning water) refers to a process which uses water at any temperature or form to relieve pain and treat illness, and is a practice which has been in use since the 5th century B.C. It was Greek physician Hippocrates who first cited the use of water for therapeutic purposes, but its Read more about Hydrotherapy & colonic hydrotherapy[…]