Family Homeopathy Needs

As a homeopath running a busy Family Homeopathy clinic in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I need to regularly sit back and take stock of what is coming through my clinic door in terms of ailments most often. It seems that over the last decade, the nature of repetitive upper respiratory infections has changed and Read more about Family Homeopathy Needs[…]

Managing Endometriosis with Homeopathy

Endometriosis is a frequently seen gynaecological problem in women today. It is an extremely painful condition leading to menstrual irregularities and infertility.   It is a disorder in which the tissue which normally grows inside the uterus starts growing outside it – such as the pelvic cavity, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, cervix, bladder, intestines or Read more about Managing Endometriosis with Homeopathy[…]

Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) is an approach to therapeutic treatment based on the premise that our emotions are a key to our identity and a guide for individual choice and decision making. This type of therapy assumes that when we lack awareness of our emotions or avoid unpleasant emotions, we are unable to use the important information provided Read more about Emotion-Focused Therapy[…]

Ecotherapy Activities and Techniques

Since ecotherapy is an umbrella term for nature-based approaches to healing, the types of interventions used are many. Some activities take place with the guidance of a therapist while others are carried out individually. Some interventions are done in groups while others require a one-on-one setting. Additionally, while some ecotherapy sessions take place within the Read more about Ecotherapy Activities and Techniques[…]

What to Expect from Yoga Therapy

When a person decides to initiate yoga therapy, the therapist will first conduct an initial assessment. This assessment is designed to do the following:   Identify health problems Assess lifestyle and physical capability Discuss reasons for seeking therapy Create a course of treatment Once the treatment plan is established in this first consultation, the frequency Read more about What to Expect from Yoga Therapy[…]

Practice and Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is practiced in a wide range of formats. Physical therapists, for example, often implement yoga techniques in their delivery of massage and other treatments. Yoga therapy practice can resemble physical therapy, rehabilitative therapy, and/or psychotherapy. Unlike a standard yoga class, yoga therapy sessions are typically conducted in one-on-one or small group settings. Yoga Read more about Practice and Benefits of Yoga Therapy[…]

The Aromatherapy Top secret Every French Woman Knows

No-one quite recognizes the rose like the People from france, whose nationwide perfume history operates profound and who sometimes start using their own fragrance as soon as childhood. The People from france are also known for his or her rose syrup, mostly created from an draw out of rose petals, while increased sides (from Rosa Read more about The Aromatherapy Top secret Every French Woman Knows[…]

Acupuncture and Fertility: All You Need to Know

Acupuncture and Fertility If you are trying for a baby you will be keen to maximize your chances of conceiving and you may have read that acupuncture can help. Before booking an appointment you may like to know more about how it works so here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Read more about Acupuncture and Fertility: All You Need to Know[…]

How does Acupuncture help weight loss?

I start by strengthening the digestion. By stimulating specific Acupuncture points I trigger the body’s healing response. Bloating and constipation reduce so you have a flatter tummy and bags of energy.  This kick-starts the weight loss process. I then address your specific reasons for weight gain, often using easy to reach Acupuncture points on the Read more about How does Acupuncture help weight loss?[…]

How does Acupuncture reduce Anxiety?

How does Acupuncture reduce Anxiety? Kate will feel your pulse during your consultation. Acupuncture is an incredibly powerful treatment that is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety levels from the first treatment. Here’s the science bit! The body secretes an assortment of hormones into the bloodstream as a reaction to stress. Researchers measured hormone levels secreted by Read more about How does Acupuncture reduce Anxiety?[…]