Different ways to use aromatherapy

Aromatherapy essential oils have many uses. This includes aromatherapy massage, through personal inhalers, room diffusers and bathing oils.

Added into bath water – Many people like to add essential oils to a warm bath to promote a more relaxing soak. If you want to add oils to your bath, please consult a professional aromatherapist first. A professional will advise you on which oils are safe.

Steamed – This is a common treatment to ease feelings of congestion. Simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a bowl filled with hot water and inhale the steam.

Burned – Burning essential oils through an oil burner is becoming increasingly popular. The oil is placed on a shallow surface, above a candle. The heat of the candle slowly burns the oil, encouraging the scent to fill the room.

Inhaled – A great way to get a quick boost from your chosen essential oil is to have a small vile at your desk. This way you can directly inhale your oils and reap the benefits, even on the move!

If you have asthma or suffer from other respiratory conditions, please consult your GP first.

Sprayed onto fabric – An enjoyable, easy way to bring aromatherapy into your home is to add some essential oils to a room spray. You can spray them on furniture, bed linens or pillows to add a relaxing, comforting scent. To ensure the mixture won’t stain or damage the fabrics, be sure to consult an aromatherapist.