Ear candling benefits

Ear candling benefits

Ear candling is a holistic treatment – therefore it is not designed to be a specific cure for any particular ailment. However, there are considered to be a number of healing benefits and regular treatment is thought to stimulate and heal parts of the mind and body that extend beyond the immediate surrounding of the inner ear. 

Regular ear candling treatments are thought to provide beneficial relief from the following conditions:

  • migraines

  • hay fever

  • anxiety and stress

  • post flying and driving pressure

  • swimmer’s ear

  • asthma

  • vertigo

  • yeast infections

  • colds and flu

  • parasites

  • snoring

  • itching in the ears.

Other potential ear candling benefits can include:

  • Stimulation and detoxification of the lymphatic system.

  • A catalyst to clear nerve endings and promote healing.

  • Providing a boost to the immune system.

  • Improvement to mental functions, vision, hearing, taste and colour perception.

  • Bringing about a more balanced emotional state and clearer thinking.

In addition, ear candling is potentially more effective for relieving wax build up than the conventional ear syringing method used by medical professionals. Syringing involves shooting water into the ears, which can lodge wax particles further inside the ear canal causing more discomfort. If water stays lodged inside the ear for too long this can lead to infection. Ear candle treatment however is non-invasive and works by drawing out the wax rather than compacting it in further.