Is chiropractic treatment effective?

Chiropractic therapy is a healthcare profession and not a single treatment. Practitioners aim to enhance the well-being and physical health of their patients using manual treatment and offering lifestyle advice. No medication is provided. There is however evidence to suggest chiropractic is effective for treating back pain.

During the 1990s many clinical trials were undertaken. Results showed that chiropractic treatment was almost more effective for back pain than outpatient treatment. Overall, patients who received chiropractic care were more satisfied than those who had received conventional care. Today, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends chiropractic treatment if you have persistent lower back pain.

Research has also been carried out on the efficacy of chiropractic and other manual therapies for helping people with conditions such as migraine, neck-pain and headaches. This is still ongoing, but many chiropractors provide treatment for these conditions. It is not known, however, just how beneficial chiropractic therapy is for healing ailments such as asthma, IBS, period pain and high blood pressure. Despite this, it is possible to find a chiropractor who provides treatment for these conditions.