March 14, 2017

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Whether you are a fully qualified, professional complementary medical practitioner, student, training course provider or you work within the profession in a company offering the very highest standards of products and services, you really should Join The UKoCamp today! 

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There are six UKoCamp Membership Categories – just click any of the highlighted links below to discover more



  • A Fully Qualified Practitioner You will be entitled to use the post-nominal latters “M-UKoCamp ” after your name to signify your Full Membership of The UKoCamp .  

There are huge benefits to Full UKoCamp Membership – not least of which is the opportunity to participate in our UKoCamp online Practice and Business Development MasterClasses.  If you’ve been finding that your practice is slow to develop, you are not alone; Joining The UKoCamp is the first step in the right direction!  

This Membership will dramatically boost your practice – and help you make a decent living doing the work you love – helping many more people to reach optimum levels of health and wellbeing.  You’ll also be instrumental in supporting the only professional membership body in our field that actively campaigns for and promotes complementary medicine and natural healthcare across all media and at the very highest levels of government.  

UKoCamp Full Membership is a priviledged position and the fact that you have been accepted for UKoCamp Membership demonstrates that you have a clear committment to standards and professionalism. UKoCamp Members in all categories are recognised as the elite in this field – Join The UKoCamp today to be part of this exclusive group!

  •  A Student Member This category of Membership is available to people who are currently studying to embark upon a career in Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care.

We welcome Students of all disciplines and you should join The UKoCamp to gain a multitude of benefits which will help you set up in practice after you graduate. You will find our online Practice and Business Development MasterClasses particularly invaluable and will give you a huge headstart into your new profession.  

You will be entitled to use the post-nominal letters “S-UKoCamp ” to signify that you are a Student Member of The UKoCamp.  

Please Note: If you already hold a qualification in Complementary Medicine and/or Natural Health Care, congratulations – you are eligible to apply for Full UKoCamp (M-UKoCamp ) Membership above.

  • A Fellow of The UKoCamp Note: This is a senior level of Membership and Fellows of The UKoCamp are entitled to use the post-nominal letters ‘F-UKoCamp ‘.  

Fellowship of The UKoCamp is open to practitioners, teachers, product suppliers and developers and anyone working at a senior level within Complementary Medicine who has a demonstrable committment to the profession.  

If you would like to discuss your eligibility to become a Fellow of The UKoCamp , please complete the application form and you will be invited to an interview in person, by Skype or by telephone – dependent upon geography. 

UKoCamp Registered Training Schools are considered to be the elite in the profession. Demonstrate your committment to excellence by Joining The UKoCamp today – and registering your courses – so that potential students can find you more easily.  

You will be able to promote your courses through The UKoCamp website – and you’ll have your own page on this site so that you can really educate potential students about what you offer.  

Remember, that while many students coming to you through The UKoCamp will be new entrants to the profession, many of our existing practitioner Members are looking for additional training too – and especially CPD – so UKoCamp Membership truly offers you a fantastic opportunity to have your excellent courses made highly visible to a perfect, committed audience.  

Of course, as an organisation, The UKoCamp values your Membership too, and by joining us you are helping to support the leading body in the profession and your support helps us to promote and protect this valuable profession.

  • UKoCamp Approved Supplier – This valuable Membership is open to a select group of companies which provide outstanding and effective, safe, Natural Health Products and/or Services.  

We carefully vet all companies who apply for UKoCamp Approved Supplier Membership – and once accepted your Membership of The UKoCamp speaks volumes about your professionalism to both practitioners and the public.  

We are deeply committed to promoting our UKoCamp Approved Suppliers through our monthly e-Newsletter and through this website – this in turn gives you the perfect platform from which to talk about your products and services and to EDUCATE potential customers about their benefits.  

UKoCamp Approved Supplier Membership is NOT advertising – it is a mutually beneficial relationship that we offer only to select companies who can demonstrate to us that they offer only the very best to the customer. 

A Clinic, Spa or Retreat Member – This prestigious Membership category really helps you to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to outstanding levels of service.  The UKoCamp offers Membership to just a few Clinics, Spas and Retreats if we believe that you are offering true excellence.  By joining us, you will be seen to be among the very best organisations – the elite  – who go ‘above and beyond’ to provide the very best services to your clients.  You represent the best of the profession – and because of that we are happy to support you with our might and influence to help you demonstrate that you offer nothing but the best. 

Of course, as an organisation, The UKoCamp values your Membership, and by joining us you are helping to support us as the leading body in the profession and your support helps us to promote and protect this valuable profession.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence – and get the professional respect and recognition you deserve.