What does a chiropractor treat?

Chiropractic therapy is typically associated with the treatment of back and neck pain. It can also treat associated conditions including: Neck-related headaches. Slipped discs. Leg pain and sciatica (pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve). Shoulder pain or problems. Pain or problems with knee, hip and ankle joints. Pain or problems with Read more about What does a chiropractor treat?[…]

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic refers to a regulated health-care profession that involves the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal issues. It is a type of manual therapy in which a chiropractor will use their hands to make adjustments to joints in the body. This involves gentle and controlled movements that are concentrated mainly on the spine. The procedure is considered Read more about Chiropractic treatment[…]

What does a Bowen therapist do?

The first step to take when considering Bowen treatment would be to book an initial consultation. This will give the therapist an opportunity to find out about your medical history and what problems you would like to get treated for. This will then enable them to assess your situation and form a personalised treatment plan. Read more about What does a Bowen therapist do?[…]


Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that uses essential oils from plants and flowers. Aromatherapy and essential oils have a positive effect on the body. They aim to improve well-being and reduce stress. Aromatherapy is designed to treat the whole body, rather than targeting the symptom or disease. It assists the body’s natural abilities, helping to Read more about Aromatherapy[…]

What training qualifications and experience should therapists have?

What training qualifications and experience should therapists have?   In the UK there is no overall governing body to provide national standards for acupressure treatment. However, there are a number of professional bodies and associations in which professionals can choose to register with. Although there is no specific acupressure association, it is recognised under acupuncture Read more about What training qualifications and experience should therapists have?[…]

What are the benefits of acupressure treatment?

There is some medical research showing that it can help relieve certain types of pain. Studies are still ongoing to find out how it does so. However, there isn’t any scientific evidence to either accept or reject the use of acupressure. It’s worth noting that they have not ruled out the method of stimulating bioelectrical Read more about What are the benefits of acupressure treatment?[…]


Acupressure is a type of treatment that sends signals to the body to promote self-healing and wellness and is also used to treat illness and pain. The technique is commonly known as ‘acupuncture without needles’ as it’s guided by the same holistic principles. An imbalance of the body’s energy, or ‘qi’, is thought to be Read more about Acupressure[…]