Ecotherapy Activities and Techniques

Since ecotherapy is an umbrella term for nature-based approaches to healing, the types of interventions used are many. Some activities take place with the guidance of a therapist while others are carried out individually. Some interventions are done in groups while others require a one-on-one setting. Additionally, while some ecotherapy sessions take place within the Read more about Ecotherapy Activities and Techniques[…]

Acupuncture is a pre-scientific superstition

Proponents often cite acupuncture’s ancient heritage as a virtue, but it is more of a vice. Acupuncture was developed in a pre-scientific culture, before anything significant was understood about biology, the normal functioning of the human body or disease pathology. The healing practices of the time were part of what is called philosophy-based medicine, to Read more about Acupuncture is a pre-scientific superstition[…]

What training and qualifications does a chiropractor need?

In order to register, a practitioner must hold a qualification recognised by the GCC. As aforementioned, General Chiropractic Council (GCC) regulates the chiropractic profession. Anyone who wants to practice as a chiropractor must register with this professional body. Furthermore, The Chiropractors Act 1994 provides statutory regulation for the profession. It also protects the title ‘chiropractor’ under Read more about What training and qualifications does a chiropractor need?[…]

What does a chiropractor treat?

Chiropractic therapy is typically associated with the treatment of back and neck pain. It can also treat associated conditions including: Neck-related headaches. Slipped discs. Leg pain and sciatica (pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve). Shoulder pain or problems. Pain or problems with knee, hip and ankle joints. Pain or problems with Read more about What does a chiropractor treat?[…]

The difference between chiropody and podiatry

One of the most frequently asked questions is: ‘What is the difference between chiropody and podiatry?’ The truth is chiropody and podiatry are the same thing. ‘Podiatry’ is just a more modern and internationally recognised term to describe the practice. Chiropodists and podiatrists are part of the same profession. They have the same qualifications and in Read more about The difference between chiropody and podiatry[…]

Maintaining foot health

Feet take the weight of the entire body. As a result they can be subjected to a lot of stress and strain. Maintaining foot health with proper care and cleanliness is key to preventing common foot problems, which can only add to stress your feet are under. There are a number of reasons why foot Read more about Maintaining foot health[…]

What does a Bowen therapist do?

The first step to take when considering Bowen treatment would be to book an initial consultation. This will give the therapist an opportunity to find out about your medical history and what problems you would like to get treated for. This will then enable them to assess your situation and form a personalised treatment plan. Read more about What does a Bowen therapist do?[…]

The guiding principles established by Tom Bowen

The movements The movements used in Bowen therapy are very distinctive and are used on precise points on the body. It involves moving the soft tissue in a particular way. It’s a rolling type movement using the fingers, hands and/or elbow, depending on the area being worked on. It creates focus for the brain by Read more about The guiding principles established by Tom Bowen[…]

Bowen therapy

Bowen therapy, or the Bowen technique, is a non-invasive, complementary holistic therapy. It targets certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to help it balance, repair and reset itself. Clients are believed to experience energy recovery, a reduction in pain and an improvement of function. Developed in the 1950s by Tom Bowen, this Read more about Bowen therapy[…]