December 14, 2016

Therapeutic touch

In therapeutic touch, the practitioner uses touch or works just above the surface of the body. They believe this affects an energy field surrounding each person and they can act as a channel through which healing energy flows into the patient. There’s no medical evidence to show it helps with symptoms or side effects.

Some people feel that therapeutic touch gives them valuable support. When it’s used in a religious or spiritual way, it’s called spiritual or faith healing.

Reiki is another type of therapeutic touch developed in Japan. You sit or lie down and the practitioner gently places their hands on or just above your body. They use a sequence of positions that cover most of the body. You don’t need to remove any clothing. Each position is held for about 2–5 minutes or until the practitioner feels the flow of energy has slowed or stopped.

Many organisations can give you more information about therapeutic touch.