What are ear candles used for?

What are ear candles used for?

Ear candling is primarily used to treat irritations and pressure in the ear, helping to relieve the discomfort of conditions such as the build-up of earwax, sinus congestion, sore throats, glue ear, rhinitis and tinnitus. It provides a pleasant and safe alternative for people who find traditional medical treatments such as syringing uncomfortable and/or ineffective, and is ideal for people of all ages – including young children and elderly people.

Because there are so many intricate crevices in the inner ear, it is easy for debris and impurities to build-up and cause problems that can interfere with hearing and cause discomfort. Regular removal of yeasts, allergies or compacted wax through ear candle treatment can help to restore hearing, relieve tension and pressure in the ear, while cleansing the sinus cavities of bacteria that thrive in the dark moist conditions of the inner ear.

What happens during a session?

When carried out professionally, an ear candling session can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the client. At the start of the session you will have a full consultation, in which your therapist will discuss your medical history and current symptoms to help assess if ear candling is the right treatment for you and what your expectations are.

You will then be placed in a comfortable position on your side on a massage couch before the therapist gently places a specialised candle into your ear. This will be lit and held firmly in place while it burns for an average of 10 minutes.

You are likely to experience a crackling sound as the candle burns, and feel a warm and gentle massaging sensation in the ear. When the candle has burned completely, it will be removed from your ear and extinguished. This process is then repeated for the other ear.

Once both ears have been treated, your therapist will massage the area around the ears and face to encourage lymphatic drainage and enhance the effects of the candling. You can also request to see the inside of the burnt out candle to reveal the condition of your ears. A lot of people report an immediate relief of pressure after the treatment

A session will usually cost around £20 – £30 and will last for approximately an hour. Some people may experience relief straight after the first session but more may be needed depending on your age, the nature of your ailment and how long you have had it for. Generally, the older you are and the longer you have had the condition, the more ear candle treatment sessions you will need to see a noticeable improvement. There is also the question of how complex the condition is, as some are easier to treat than others.