What are the benefits of acupressure treatment?

There is some medical research showing that it can help relieve certain types of pain. Studies are still ongoing to find out how it does so. However, there isn’t any scientific evidence to either accept or reject the use of acupressure. It’s worth noting that they have not ruled out the method of stimulating bioelectrical impulses on the body, or qi energy.

What we do know is that acupressure is a very popular form of treatment in the West. There are many claims that the therapy has aided the relief of a range of physical and emotional ailments. It is also thought to be beneficial for maintaining good health and detoxifying the body.

Here are a number of issues that the holistic therapy is commonly used to help treat:

Pain relief

When acupressure points on the body are stimulated, endorphins and oxytocin are released. While oxytocin calms and relaxes the body, the endorphins re-energise, working together to relieve pain. This increases the blood flow in the areas of muscle tension and pain, ‘blocking’ the pain signals that are sent to the brain. The firm pressure applied to the acupressure points works to soothe the tense muscles, which have contracted because of a lactic acid build up.

Stress relief

Due to its calming effects, acupressure has been found to be beneficial to people who are suffering from stress. Many people suffer from stress resulting in muscular tension and internal pressures. Stress can have a negative effect on your internal energy. This is where acupressure comes in to restore balance to the body. It enables your qi energy to circulate properly by unlocking the meridian pathways. This promotes a greater sense of well-being by tackling the blockages stress causes.

Cold and flu treatment

Acupressure is often thought to help when you have a virus because of its ability to promote self-healing. Colds and flu can leave you feeling sapped of energy. This gives the inclination that the body is working extremely hard to fight the illness. Acupressure aims to speed up the healing process even though you may experience maximised symptoms.

Infertility treatment

Many use acupressure as a type of infertility treatment because it does not involve any medicine or invasive procedures. Different types of healing massage have been used for thousands of years to boost the chances of conception, improve hormonal balance and help regulate the menstrual cycle.

The therapy aims to increase blood circulation by pressing certain meridian points – sending oxygen rich blood to the reproductive organs. This helps to ease pelvic congestions, expel toxins and may even reduce inflammation. These are all considered to be important in maintaining healthy reproductive organs.

Maternity acupressure

Acupressure therapy can also be beneficial for pregnant women. It offers a safe way to reduce labour pains and encourage childbirth naturally. Maternity acupressure involves stimulating certain meridian points that help with the preparation of childbirth. The calming effects encourage the cervix to dilate, which is particularly beneficial for women who are overdue. It also offers a source of pain management during the labour process. This helps to ensure a more relaxed mother-to-be and thus minimising stress for the baby.


Regular acupressure treatment can help with weight-loss goals. To achieve this, the therapist puts pressure on the meridians in the spleen and stomach area. Then healing energy is thought to travel through the digestive meridian pathways. The revitalised flow of energy will help restore the body’s natural state. It encourages better food choices and a more positive outlook on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and on weight-loss.

Studies have found that acupressure is a beneficial treatment for weight-loss. A particular study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine showed that massage therapy techniques can result in an average deduction of 1.7 BMI points. This was compared to data collected from those using only counselling as a weight loss aid. Their BMI loss was only by .05 points.

Emotional healing

Acupressure can support the healing of many emotional issues. These include sadness, depression and grief. The therapy does this by addressing the body’s energy imbalances.

Massage therapy techniques are a key source of energy healing. They help the body to restore itself both physically and emotionally. It flushes out negative tension and energies and thus provides an uplifting effect. Acupressure is considered beneficial for helping individuals to feel more focused and aware of their emotions and negative triggers. This enables them to find ways to stay positive and enjoy life.