What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy can be used to help treat various symptoms and conditions. The evidence for its effectiveness varies and often further research is required. The therapeutic qualities of the oils are thought to soothe, uplift, restore, boost the immune system and encourage positivity.

The symptoms and conditions aromatherapy is thought to help include:


Certain scents can trigger a relaxation response in the brain. When combined with a massage, it can help to reduce feelings of stress. It is important to discover the cause of your stress to ensure long-term management.


Studies have found that aromatherapy can have a positive effect on those suffering with anxiety. As a complementary therapy, it is best used with other therapies such as talking therapy.


Many people find aromatherapy a helpful aid for sleep. Burning a relaxing scent in your home or adding essential oils to a warm, evening bath can help prepare your body and mind for sleep.


The interest in the effects of aromatherapy for conditions such as dementia continues to grow. Research into the therapy revealed many benefits and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests it may help treat feelings of agitation in those with dementia.

Chronic pain

Aromatherapy is thought to be especially helpful for easing any chronic pain-related anxiety. If the pain is muscular, a massage using essential oils may be an effective treatment. As with any new therapy, please consult your GP before starting.


Aromatherapy may help to reduce pain and anxiety for those with cancer in the short-term. According to Cancer Research UK, many people with cancer turn to aromatherapy. It appears to make patients feel happier and more able to cope with the changes happening.

Palliative care

Aromatherapy massage is becoming increasingly popular in palliative care. The combination of scent and massage is thought to help patients feel less affected by the symptoms and side effects of their illness.