What are the types of ear candle?

There are several different types of ear candles used in treatment today – each varying in size, shape and content.

See below for the most popular types of ear candles:

  • The Hopi ear candle – These are made of the traditional Hopi formula, are cylindrical in shape and around 22cm long. Burning time is about 10-12 minutes, and safety features include a filter – which prevents particles from dropping into the ear – and a maximum burn line showing when the candle should be put out.

  • Ear cones – Unlike the traditional Hopi candles, these are wider at the top and much shorter in design. They are made from cotton, beeswax and propolis (aromatic substance collected by bees) and will burn for around 5-7 minutes. Safety features consist of a flame-breaking ring and a valve, which prevents particles from dropping into the ear.

  • Basic ear candles – Also referred to as ‘natural ear candles’, these are made only from cotton flax or hemp and beeswax. Sizes and shapes vary and specialised safety features are rarely included.