What conditions can hydrotherapy help?

Pain relief

Hydrotherapy is said to be particularly effective for rehabilitation after orthopaedic and spinal surgery which have resulted in chronic pain. There are a number of variations of hydrotherapy, all of which are known to have a pain relieving effect. One example is that of a hydro bath, which will release huge quantities of large bubbles to relax muscle tension and reduce swollen joints. One particular way it does this is through the stimulation of endorphins which will help to control the pain and alleviate tension.

Low back pain

Several studies have reported the use of hot whirlpool baths with massaging jets to reduce the duration and severity of back pain when used alongside conventional medicine.

Stress relief

Often we think of stress as something which effects us only in a mental capacity but in addition to these psychological problems it can also cause a multitude of physical issues. We already known that stress related illnesses can cause high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, depression etc which all have a knock on effect on the immune system.

Most forms of hydrotherapy are found to be relaxing, in particular the jets of water in hydro baths are said to cause a level of relaxation similar to that of massage, releasing endorphins and contributing to overall well being.

Please note, whilst many individuals have found hydrotherapy to be effective in treating the above, there is currently no scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of the treatment in those particular areas.