What crystals will my therapist use?

The crystals prescribed for your treatment will be entirely based upon your diagnosis. Each crystal is thought to possess a different energy which can then be matched with the ailment. For example, Amethyst is thought to be particularly good for spiritual uplifting, so many people carry it with them when they need to communicate effectively. It is also used to help with stomach and liver issues.

Of course there are thousands of crystals, of which most healers only use a small percentage. During a healing session only a few crystals will be applied and they will have been selected based on their specific energies whether that may be calming, energising, purifying, protective, soft, or one of the many other qualities.

Below are a few examples of popular crystals that you might come across during treatment.

  • Aquamarine – means ‘water of the sea’ and is pale turquoise in colour.
  • Cape Amethyst – a translucent lilac crystal infused with silvery white.
  • Carnelian – a dense, blood-red crystal.
  • Green Aventurine – as the name suggests, a copper green shade.
  • Black Onyx – a jet black pebble smoothed to shine.